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Pre-Order your copy of the 2015 11th Edition of Fast Facts™ 
The Locksmiths Auto & Motorcycle key reference.
This is an internet only "Availability."
The Boss said, "Let your friends know it's at the printer."   I said, "I'm on it."
So, here's the offer. Pre-Order today, before the books arrive, and I'll hold the 2010 cover price.
$149 plus shipping (continental USA) 
There will be new example pages posted, as soon as I have a book to work from. The new Cover will be Black. Retro to the original "little black book," that took the "Best New Produce in Print" award, at ALOA in Nashville, in 1998. There are: 462 pages, 3,761 model listings in the index, 638 different Key Plates, over 200 motorcycle Key Plates and an index that covers more models than any other listing in print. There are five new Harley Davidson motorcycle keys, that will be in production in the next few months. 
Newer than New.    Fast Facts™ "The Locksmiths Best Kept Secret"
Call Today! As always, "Tell Jane, "Necessity Sent Me." 
She'll get your name on the list, and as soon as we have books, they'll ship.
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Interchangeable Core Service
The Locksmith Guide to:
Interchangeable Core Cylinder Service
We are proud to announce the introduction of our latest Locksmith Guide™ book. This book covers Best™ SFIC, Corbin™ Master-Ring, Corbin Russwin™ LFIC, Sargent™ LFIC and Schlage LFIC interchangeable cylinder service. The book covers Cylinder Construction and Design, Master Key System Development and Specific Service techniques.
     It was written as a Home Study Course for the working locksmith. Lesson Objectives at the beginning of each Chapter and Study Questions at the end of each Chapter lead the reader on a structured learning adventure into the world of Interchangeable Core Service. 
     Click on the "Locksmith Guide" button in the navigation bar, to go to the book review section. Click on the book Cover to view pages inside this book.
     This book has a "Scan & Print" section, which allows the reader to reproduce all of the special Keying and Un-combinating forms found in the text.

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 Spiral Bound, 284 pages, 241 illustrations
B&W text, color Scan & Print section                               $49.00 + s/h 
The Clue-Card™ Universal Side-Milled Key System replaces outdated and difficult to use Depth & Space key sets. The Clue-Card™ system is the most reliable and easy to use way to create side-milled automotive keys on the market.
Easy to use 1200CM Clue™ Code-Cards lead the locksmith through the creation of "pattern keys" which are used in the Clue™ fixture with any standard side-milling duplicator to create side-milled keys for most any automotive application. There are 38 Clue™ Cards included in the set, which address 26 side-milled key configurations. 
Compared to the cost of 26 sets of Depth & Space keys or the cost of an automatic electronically controlled key machine, the Clue-Card™ Universal Side-Milled Key System instantly becomes the obvious answer to most locksmiths needs. 
Though the HPC 1200CM Code Machine (or ILCO equivalent) is the easiest to use, pattern key dimensions are shown on the Clue™ Card which allow Framon users to create the same pattern on their machines. 
The Clue™ must be ordered for Original (works with all side-milling duplicators) or Framon (works with all "Framon" side-milling duplicators)  
For more information click the "Clue-Card™ button in the navigation bar.
Fast Facts is the premier Locksmiths reference to foreign & domestic auto and motorcycle keys. Fast Facts™ is an encyclopedic listing of cars and motorcycles found in the North American Market from 1965 to present. In its 10th Edition (2010-11) the fast Facts™ book is a "Must-Have" item for all locksmiths that make keys for autos and motorcycles. Much expanded for 2010-11. There are now 179 motorcycle key plates and 526 auto key plates. Many new or changed transponder Facts. The Index lists over 3300 autos and 1400 motorcycles
Exclusive "Lay Flat" plastic spiral bound Desk Size is easier to use. When open, the book will not close like perfect bound books will do. 
Fast Facts™ presents a Clear, Concise and Fully Indexed key making guide for autos and motorcycles. The NEW expanded motorcycle model index lists over 1400 motorcycle models, plus an additional 15 pages of Chinese and Korean motorcycles, scooters and handicap electric motorized chairs. Everything is at your fingertips. Fast Facts™ is clearly illustrated and fully indexed. Fast Facts contains more information than any other publication of its kind. 

For more information click "Fast Facts™ button in the navigation bar.

See our September "Special Offer." 
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